It is a compact variety of quartz, composed of crystals that are microscopic. It forms in cavities and cracks. Pure chalcedony is white. Chalcedony`s name is thought to originate from the ancient port of Kalkedon in Asia Minor (Modern Turkey).

The blue chalcedony or blue ribbon agate is an agate which, in turn, is a variety of chalcedony and belongs to the group of oxides, with the formula SiO2. It belongs to the trigonal crystallization system. The chalcedony is of volcanic origin and owes its color to the multiple inclusions that have been deposited during its growth. Once the blue chalcedony is polished, we can see a whole series of blue and white veins, which is the origin of its name.

Stone of innovative ideas.

Chalcedony drives away phantoms and visions of the night.

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