Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli

It was one of the favorite stones of the Egyptians. The lapis lazuli was used by the royalty of Ancient Egypt and Babylon, and in the Persian Empire, it was considered as a sacred stone. This stone is associated with the Eye of Isis or the Goddess Maat, the eye that sees everything. The lapis lazuli was sacred to the Sumerian goddess of love and war, Ishtar.

The lapis lazuli, whose name derives from the Latin lapis lazulus, is not really a mineral but a rock constituted by an association of lazurite and variable amounts of calcite, pyrite and feldspatoids of the sodalite group. It is completely opaque, it has a massive uniform appearance and sometimes granular with distinctive crystals. Its color varies from deep blue to sky blue and often contains crystals or veins of white calcite and golden pyrite crystals.

In addition to its important purifying and healing properties, lapis lazuli also points to the path of enlightenment and helps opening the third eye chakra.

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