GEMSPOWER small Amulet: Yellow gold and gemstone

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In the ancient world, talismans and amulets were the ultimate power players, summoning protection and healing with their earthly stones and ornaments. Millennia later, we crave the same; be safe, secure, loved, guided, and enjoying a life of good fortune.

Powerful timeless resonant Amulet. Inspired by the intense energy contained in gems. Helping us feel loved, protected, and guided.

The simplicity of the pure forms makes these talismans acquire the prominence that gemstones deserve.

Gemstones activate and reconnect you to that part of your own energy that keeps you moving to where you want to be.


- Metals: Solid, recycled 14k solid yellow gold. 

- Dimensions: 180mm x 140mm 

- Natural Gems: Chrysoprase . Request a custom gem.