Carlota grew up surrounded by jewelry: as a young girl in Caracas, Venezuela, she often visited her Aunt Luisa’s jewelry shop where she became obsessed with gemstones.

She went on to study architecture but her passion for jewelry never died. One day, Aunt Luisa’s shop closed its doors and this presented Carlota with a unique opportunity: how to make use of all the remaining treasures to create her own designs?

After many years of working as an architect, Carlota decided to become a full-time jeweler. But those earlier years were not lost. She still draws constant inspiration from her architectural studies.

She later spent time in New York City where she further refined her jewelry design studies and participated in SoHo’s weekend markets.

In Madrid, and then in Barcelona, she continued her studies earning a Master in Ephemeral Architecture while resuming her jewelry studies at the School of Arts and Crafts.

Motherhood arrived while living in Lausanne, Switzerland, where she continued to take specialized courses which eventually led to the launch of Carlota Guardia Jewelry.

In 2017, she established her business in the U.S. and launched her online store. She has quickly gained market recognition with mentions in international publications like GQ and Vanity Fair.

Carlota caters to modern women who are sophisticated and busy, where one thoughtful piece of jewelry can be the perfect touch.

Carlota Guardia Jewelry transcends seasons and trends; it is an ideal foundation to any jewelry wardrobe.

We create a connection between jewelry, body and emotions.