LES AMOURS bracelet ♥♥♥: Recycled sterling silver and natural gemstone

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Collect a heart for each love in your life.

LES AMOURS bracelet is specifically designed to make us feel loved.

Each heart of LES AMOURS represents one love. Collect a heart for each love in your life. Start with self-love, your partner, your children, your siblings, or a friend.

Pick your Braided metal ribbon bracelet from a variety of colors. Then combine it with your favorite hearts filled gem Amethyst, Peridot or Garnet. 1 - 8 gemmed hearts fits on one bracelet ribbon.

- Metals: Recycled sterling silver.
- Natural Gems: Amethyst, Garnet and Peridot. Request a custom gem.
- Dimensions: 10mm x 6mm
- Braided metal ribbon bracelet: 8 mm wide 23mm long.