BE GRATEFUL Scapular: Yellow gold

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BE GRATEFUL Scapular is designed to remind us of the importance of being grateful. It helps us create a gratitude habit that brings abundance to life.

Chains connect two artistic symbols. An open heart full of love and perfectly imperfect, on one end, because love is the force that moves everything. At the other end, a green spark with a natural stone represents the heart chakra.

The awareness of having this scapular on our skin, which can sometimes tickle us, is meant to remind us that we are love, and for that, we have many reasons to be GRATEFUL.


BE GRATEFUL Scapular is a handcraft small series necklace.

-Metals: solid, recycled 14k yellow gold.
-Polished finish.
-Each chain measures 30,5cm long.

-Weight, 5g

You can customize yours by choosing from a variety of green gemstones such as Aventurine, Peridot, Malachite, Jade, and Tourmaline.