KINETIC Ring Yellow and Purple series: Gold and diamonds.

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Dynamic and elegant ring. Conceived for motion and versatility, it offers the two sides of the same story, joining forces to create something more meaningful and unique.

Each KINETIC numbered limited series will be made up of five rings. Each one will be engraved with its corresponding number, as in limited edition serigraphs. Once the series is sold out, we will never repeat the same gemstone combination anymore.

KINETIC Ring series Yellow and Purple is a handcraft limited edition ring made with colorful Citrine Quartz and Amethyst gemstones on a solid, recycled 14k yellow gold mobile structure adorned by four Lab-grown diamonds.

- Gemstones: Citrine Quartz and Amethyst

- Cabochons dimensions: 10mm x 12mm

- Metals: solid, recycled 14k yellow.

- Polished finish.

- Four Lab-grown diamonds: 0,35ct

- Weight ring: 9,4g

Contact us if you would like us to launch the next series with your preferred gemstone color combination, creating your own story. Design my story

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