LES AMOURS bangle: Yellow gold

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LES AMOURS Bangle. Collect a heart for each love in your life.
LES AMOURS bangle is specifically designed to make us feel loved.
Inspired by genuine scenes of love. Each heart of LES AMOURS represents one love. Collect a heart for each love in your life. Start with self-love, your partner, your children, your siblings, or a friend.
Timeless, elegant, alone, or stacked with other bangles. They’re super easy to mix and match.
BE GRATEFUL LES AMOURS Bangle is a handcrafted small series bracelet.

-Metals: solid, recycled 14k yellow gold.

- Gems: Lab diamonds

- Bangle diameter: 1,15mm

- Heart dimensions: 5mm wide, 3,8mm long

-Weight: bangle with one heart: 2,4g

-Weight: bangle with two hearts: 2,5g

-Weight: bangle with three hearts: 2,8g


Contact us if you would like to add more hearts to your LES AMOURS Bangle. We can do it for you on request!